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From Brad Curl, Young Life staff man who served with Jim Rayburn Jr., Young Life Founder

It was a real blessing to see and hear you speak in Leesburg, VA Jim, after all these years. You are just as effective as your dad (and your granddad, probably).

In His strong, warm bonds,


From Jan McLaughlin, prison ministry director

RE: James Rayburn III

It has been a great privilege of this organization and to me personally to have James Rayburn III as the keynote speaker at banquets, prison services and other functions sponsored by Prayer Warriors For Prisoners (PWFP). Jim’s speeches flow from his heart and have been forged by a lifetime of experience. They are creative, thought provoking, challenging, delightful and often hilarious. His incredible sense of humor and story telling captivates his audience, keeping them spellbound, from his first introductory words until the moment he wraps it all up with his final motivating challenge. A questionnaire is given to each table sponsor after the PWFP banquets as a tool to improve coming events. One of the questions concerns the speakers. Without exception, Jim receives the most favorable remarks. Guests repeatedly tell me how profoundly they were impacted by Jim’s message. The PWFP Board of Directors would unreservedly recommend James Rayburn III as a speaker for any event. Jim is always prepared to speak and his heart is a storehouse of insights and experiences that will encourage and challenge any audience.Jan McLaughlin, Director, PWFP Cell - 719-649-2937

Contact:  jimcrayburn@cs.com  (Jim C. Rayburn)