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From Bondage To Liberty, Dance, Children, Dance is must reading for all who have been influenced by Young Life or Jim Rayburn's life, past or present. Sets the record straight. Brutally frank and honest. Liberating. I knew many of the facts surrounding this book, both from the perspective of the organization, the subject(s) and the author. It will touch your heart and free your soul. Five stars.

                                                            J. Williams


Jim Rayburn III has captured the spirit of a great movement that has made the world a better place. This is an important book for anyone who wishes to know the inside story of a person dedicated to serving God. It is a life of high "highs" and low "lows," a life of pain, tragedy, disappointment, felt betrayal and a life of joy, faith, love, compassion and humor. It is a life of prayer and close commumion with the Almighty. Jim III has openly shared the inside struggles of his family as well as the inside struggles of the organization of Young Life. This book will be an encouragement to any unafraid to confront a great truth, that great accomplishments can be experienced in the midst of great pain. Five stars.



A great job Jim, capturing the dynamic of the man. A monumentall task to the glory of God.

                                                               Kay MacDonald


I really enjoyed this book. It wracked my emotions though. I remember crying through some of the difficulties of your mother and then crying again through the beauty of her soul's revival. It was also tough to hear about your father, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Amazing, his love for adventure, Christ, prayer, and kids. I was extremely moved by his devotion to prayer. Its an area of my life that i really struggle in. Thanks for being honest and giving us the history and life of your father. I loved reading the blips from his journal. Thanks again. 
                                                                David Ott


If the mission of Young Life played a role in your life at any level; whether as a "club kid", camper, committee member, staff, or volunteer, then From Bondage to Liberty, Dance Children Dance is essential reading for you. To understand the mission, you must understand the man God chose to initiate it, Jim Rayburn Jr. His son, Jim Rayburn III, provides the means to understand that man in this book. Primary source materials including personal journals, "club talks", and first-hand observations shed light on Jim's character and internal thought processes, personal relationships, incredible prayer life, and personal spiritual highs and lows. Photographs and expanded captions add much to the painting of Jim's portrait. More than a simple biography, Bondage to Liberty honestly examines the lives of Jim and Maxine Rayburn, their human struggles, frailties, shortcomings, and the miraculous work accomplished through them. In the process, it opens a window into Jim's relationship to his Heavenly Father and his God-sized vision for reaching teens with the message of the Christian faith in terms they could relate to. More than just documenting a work with youth, Bondage to Liberty reveals the varied spectrum of Young Life's history from its conceptual beginnings in the rural Southwest, to the anointed growth and impact during its early decades, through its tumultuous social and corporate growing pains, and on to its current condition today. In the context of the story of this man and his work, we are reminded that making an impact with teenagers, or anyone in this world, has more to do with love than it does logistics, requires availability more that it does capability, and demands faith rather than fancy formulas. Just as with the mission it documents, Jesus Christ and knowing real life in Him isn't just one thing Bondage to Liberty is about, its all Bondage to Liberty is about. Five stars.

                                                                B. Davidsen