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Jim Rayburn Jr. (my Dad) was born in Marshalltown, IA, July 21, 1909 and passed away December 11, 1970 in Colorado Springs, CO. In his short 61 year life he birthed and led a work with teenagers (Young Life) that is now active in every state of the USA, and approx. 58 countries. In the later years of his life he dedicated his energies to kids worldwide through Youth Research International which he founded in 1965.

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These are messages my father gave to high school kids at Frontier Ranch in Colorado. Most talks were given from 1961 to 1962 but there is one from 1959. These talks were not professionally recorded so the sound quality varies; in rare and brief instances it is poor but generally speaking it ranges from good to very good.

Also available on the "Jim III - Author" page (above) is information about two books. The first is a biography of my father's life called, "From Bondage To Liberty, Dance, Children, Dance." The second book,"The Diaries of Jim Rayburn, Founder of Young Life" was released in March of 2009. Both of these books have excellent reviews.

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