Welcome To The Jim Rayburn Website

It's a bit embarrassing for us to post some of these comments but we know of no better way to show you that people really like coming here. These are comments taken from our guest book that we ask folks to sign prior to leaving:

"Jim and Lucia - may you be refreshed as you refresh others who spend time here in your home." J & M

"Dearest Lucia and Jim - How truly wonderful to be with you for just a wink and blink of time. This has been a little bit of heaven. Thanks for being a part of this spectacular healing week for me. God has blessed me with your friendship."   L. G.

"Thanks so much for an evening of glorious overindulgence. The joy of eating was only surpassed by the pleasure of your company."     R & M

"A time of Rebirth, Renewal, and Regeneration - a dream come true.    K. H.

"Jim & Lucia - God's love shows through your hospitality. Thank-you for a super time."               T & H

Jim & Lucia - Thank-you for the spur of the moment invitation to this slice of paradise. The Brazilian style food and hospitality are remarkable. Sundance and Sedona (Golden Retrievers) thoroughly enjoyed fetching sticks in the beaver ponds. We'll look forward to another wonderful visit. God bless you.      J & L

"What a wonderful way to celebrate our first ten years of marraige! We needed this! What a magical and inspiring place! This has refreshed our souls. Thank-you for your amazing hospitality."                                S & M

"Jim & Lucia - thank-you for providing a glimpse of heaven. Jim, it was great to get to know you, hear some great stories, and listen to your wise counsel. This weekend I experineced Christ in many ways."                    C. S.

"Many thanks for your great generosity and desire for this house to be a place of blessing, healing, and inspiration. I hope to do this again."          S. D.

"Jim - Special thanks. Your ranch will always remain in my heart as 'What Colorado is all about.' I am still taken back by the beauty of this special place. I look forward to our relationship growing."                        B. T.

"Jim & Lucia - I've had so many good times with you at your beautiful place that these 'thank-yous' are becoming routine! Hopefully you don't think so...The rest, the playing, and the eating were all really perfect and it wouldn't have been so nice without you two taking care of us and loving on us so well."               M. M.

"Jim - we can not thank you enough for this special weekend. Your property and hospitality were topped only by your shared wisdom. It was wonderful for me to meet a new 'brother.'                   D. M.

"Jim and Lucia - leaving this place is always a bit sad because what I have to go back to doesn't compare. 'Rocky Mountain High' indeed. Never stop seeking Jim and never stop calling others up into the joy and freedom you've found. Thanks for having done so with me. Stay in it."              M

"Rushing streams, on golden ponds, gold panning, doing what beavers do best, swaying in the hammocks, exploring the skies, feasting on scrumptous meals, gracious host and hostess, and oh so much more: inspiring music, wildlife, solitude, birds, skipping, dance." Thanks for the memories."                                    J & J

"We love ya'll. Thank-you for dinner. Best burgers ever. A wonderful time. Great stories! God has blessed us with you."         Frontier & Trailwest Summer Staff

"Five star hospitality. This place is as close to heaven as one can get."     S. & D. S.

"Thank-you so much for having us. We just love the freedom you both offer with your honesty - it's SO refreshing!         L & D

"One good dam time!"               J & L

Many more postings will be put here when time permits. Hope you get the idea - people like it here and go away feeling something special. That's the concept and we're grateful.

                                                       Jim Rayburn III