Welcome To The Jim Rayburn Website

You might be asking, "What is the Colorado R & R and what happens there?" Well, we could say it's Jim and Lucia Rayburns' house but it's also more than that, much more than that. We'll try and explain. R & R means "rest and relaxation." If you tell someone you are going on an R & R, everyone knows what you mean. This is a place where you will find plenty of rest and relaxation, if that's what you seek or need. We'd like to be a B & B but zoning laws prohibit that. That's a wonderful thing for you as it means your stay is free of charge.

So what is  the R & R? Let's start with location. At 8,700 feet above sea level, we're nestled up against the highest range of 14,000 foot mountains in the continental United States, at the base of Mt. Antero and Mt. Shavano. We're almost in the center of Colorado, about seventeen miles north of Salida and twelve miles south of Buena Vista.  We think of it as two acres that fell out of heaven and landed on earth.

We have a huge Colorado mountain meadow for a lawn and it can accomodate about twenty tents if we have a really big group. There are three large, terraced beaver dams holding lots of natural, unstocked, mountain trout. It's a fly fisherman's dream location with fishing right from the yard. If one wants trout to keep and eat, the stream is an extra fifty yards away and the beautiful Arkansas River is only six miles.

On the property itself we have wildflowers, loads of mushrooms of various types, aspen groves, a few cedars, and gigantic Ponderosa Pines several hundred years old. As we mow the lawn it can double as a pitch and putt practice area for the golfers.

Speaking of golf, we're not blessed to have the 17th green at Pebble Beach but some of the most scenic courses anywhere can be found a few miles away, along with hot spring pools, jeeping, hikiing, rope climbing, kayaking, skiing, skateboarding, deer or elk hunting, and firewood chopping. Or, one can stay at the R & R and play Frisbee golf on our very own course, designed and laid out by that famous Frisbee golfer and course record holder, Brad Davidsen.

For the more sedate, there's cooking up gourmet meals with Lucia and/or your friends, shopping at the numerous art galleries and gift shops in the area, lying in a hammock under the quaking aspen, painting, reading, and photography. Lots of people like to walk the grounds and wonder at the beauty of it all.

So, who comes here? you ask. Sometimes it's a couple seeking a weekend away or time with the Rayburns. Sometimes it's several couples. At other times it's single people, maybe a house full of single people. It can be a small group, a pastor needing an inspirational spot to decompress, or some folks wanting to party together and have a good time. Those who like to cook really enjoy whipping up gourmet dishes with Lucia. Needless to say, we have lots of food and wine events and those are great fun.

It's this simple, really. Lucia and I like people and we want folks who could benefit from a stay here to feel welcome to share this magnificent place with us. There's no charge and visitors come as guests. Many people have brought their friends, even if we've never met them before.

We've been visited by loads of Young Life people: staff, volunteers, committee folk, adult guests on their way to Frontier Ranch, kids going to workcrew or summer staff assignments, old timers, you name it. But...

We don't care if you're straight, gay, red, black, yellow, or white, if you are an atheist, Christian, agnostic, Buddist, Muslim, or simply confused by it all. If you'd like to meet us or you feel a need for a place like this, send us an Email. It's a vey eclectic group of people who pass through our doors and everyone seems to love their time here.

                                      Jim & Lucia Rayburn - Email:  jimcrayburn@cs.com