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If you are seeking information on Jim Rayburn Jr., the founder of Young Life, click on the appropriate button above. For the first time ever, Jim's messages to high school kids at Frontier Ranch in Colorado are available here for download. We ask that you do not share these MP3 files but refer interested parties to this website.

Perhaps you've been told of the amazing savings Jim Rayburn III provides on diamonds, gems, and fine jewelry. If you are contemplating an engagement ring, diamond purchase, or any other item in the jewelry line, let Jim show you the way to lower prices and higher quality. Click on the appropriate button above where samples of rings may be viewed as well.

Seeking books? The biography of Jim Rayburn Jr., From Bondage To Liberty, Dance, Children, Dance is available here at a discounted price from Amazon.com. Also available is the recently released Diaries of Jim Rayburn, Founder of Young Life. Click on the "Jim III - Author" button (above) for more information.

Need a speaker ? Click on the appropriate button above. There is an audio download of Jim Rayburn III speaking recently in New York. Anyone wrestling with finances or financial concerns is strongly encouraged to listen to this message.

Perhaps you've heard of the hospitality and inspiration to be found at Jim & Lucia Rayburns' R & R up in the Colorado mountains. Who comes here, and why? Click on the appropriate button above and learn more about this beautiful property and where you might fit in.

If you are seeking information about Young Life in your area, send us an Email and we'll connect you with the appropriate people.

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